Pastrami Sandwich: an EP with Zilla Persona

by Death*Star, Zilla Persona

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    releases March 1, 2017

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This album is an evolution of a contest C0splay and Zilla Person competed together in. There are new verses from MC-3PO and Zilla Persona, better production, and just in general this is the polished final project. I'd like to thank Zilla himself for making this a real solid and wonderful experience.


releases March 1, 2017

Vocals - Death*Star and Zilla Persona
Production - Zilla Persona




Death*Star Kirkland, Washington

Death*Star is a nerdcore hip hop group from Seattle that regularly plays conventions, events, bars, birthdays, and pretty much everywhere else that will give them food, booze, cash, or attention!

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Track Name: Let 'Em In (ft. Zilla Persona)
--- C0splay ----

You don’t wanna be this
Shitty sorry fucker gatekeepin’ encyst
Racist, titular statist
Baseless fear monger monster please sit down
Quit this shit now
And you’ll find some profound
Sound might pound that ground beef mind
Into something that amounts
To a man, or a decent human being
Let ‘em in, what you they’ll bring
Rapists? Nope. Suffering doubtful
It’s a mouthful, but a spree of refugees, eventually,
Increase your economic wealth with sovereignty
Your falsities are a disease, they’re apportions, make believe
You think your bullshit isn’t seen? (Oh it’s fuckin’ seen)

The sick and the dying and these huddled masses are crying
They’re yearning, sojourning for earning, a turning from poor to our shore
Stop picking and crying your grumbling asses contriving
And maybe just try for some prying to open that fucking door

You’re the Villain
Let em in
Fucking Children
Let em in
Grant them Passage
Let em ink
Fucking Savage
Let em in

The Hondurans
Let em in
The Muslims
Let em in
Let em in
Let em all fucking in

--- Zilla Persona ---

We don't wanna' be this
Pity party animals, all alone
Playing games in a basement
Guess what? We grew up.
And now it's time you fucking faced it.

Raised with codes in the brain
Saw your fave games gain fame
Turn into a household name
Nice to see 'em get respected
But it seems that you divested

Empathy, traded in for pitchforks
What for?
Printing out the badges that say "Hardcore"
Show me that it's worth it
Cuz I just don't see the value anymore

It doesn't matter if you own a sealed copy of Intelligent Qube
You're not the arbiter of who gets to have the same passions as you
Am I getting through?

You were excluded and you were bullied
I was there
That was me

I was punched in the schoolyard
Gaming was my only retreat

But we're breaking as a nation
And we're baring our teeth

And we'll just become monsters
If we don't try to see

They're still people
More than words
They're more than just factions
And I hope we can learn

We can love one another
And make the masses feel shame
If we don't let 'em in
When they die, we're to blame

--- MC-3PO ---

Apparently it's time for another
White straight middle-class overpriviliged mother-
fucking brother to the bother to address the narrative
Of modern social imperative

But there it is; majority
Weight of numbers doesn't give authority
To decide who does and doesn't get
The right to decide which gender they present

There's precedent -- life, liberty, the pursuit
Of happiness happens to be to you
Girls as boys or boys as girls
Or either as neither or both or swirled

Like the best possible kind of ice cream
Know what I mean? Notlhing in this topic's obscene
Straw man arguments about sex offenders
Lurking in the bathroom stalls as trans-pretenders

Whatever; surrender all this false affront
Methinks the moral right protests too much
Who gives a fuck? Enough; it's such
A monumentally stupid war

Get over your inadequacy and yield to just advocacy
Let go of the goddamn restroom door

Let 'em in
We're all human
Let 'em in
Let 'em in
Make this easy
Let 'em in
Fuck your binaries
Let 'em in
Rights are primary
Let 'em in
It's a bathroom
Let 'em in
Let 'em all fucking in